breast shape through implants

       The breasts, the defining element of femininity, have been, over the years, a great representation in art. If on the perfect shape the ideas varied from one culture to another, their size, over time, was correlated with the proportions of the body – its height, weight and size.

       If for mammals the basic function of the breast is breastfeeding, the man also gave it a sexual connotation. The voluptuousness of a rich cleavage is sought by most patients, but also by the eyes of lovers of beauty.
       Every woman wants her breasts to look perfect at any age, because they are the expression of femininity. Unfortunately, with the passage of years, the aesthetics of the breasts are changing, which is why it is necessary to call the services of an aesthetic surgery clinic to regain the lost image as a result of the ageing process.
       The breast changes its shape and size with age, pregnancy and breastfeeding, sudden weight gain or decrease. Once these changes are made, you need a breast lift or a mastopexy (in medical terms) the procedure that shapes the breast and gives it a natural aesthetic appearance by removing excess skin and providing good internal support.


The Goals and Advantages of Breast Augmentation:

  • Increased breast volume
  • Natural appearance of the breasts in harmony with the rest of the body
  • Improving the general aspect of the body
  • Improves body posture;
  • Offers variety of possibilities in the wardrobe due to the new breast aesthetics;
  • Contributes to increasing self-confidence;
  • Gives freedom of movement, without restriction or physical or psychological embarrassment.


Is it right for me?

       Breast augmentation can be a good choice:

  • if you are a healthy person
  • if you are 20-60 years old
  • if you have realistic expectations
  • if your breasts are fully developed but too small in relation to your wishes
  • in case of loss of shape and volume after birth, breastfeeding, weight loss
  • in the case of asymmetries of form and size


You need a breast augmentation if :

  • It’s bothering you to have too little breasts.
  • You are unhappy with the shape, appearance or volume of your breasts.
  • The size or shape is not the same for both breasts.
  • You have suddenly dropped in weight and the shape of your breasts has changed considerably.
  • You simply want an improvement in your physical appearance.

       If you find yourself in one or more of the above mentioned situations, do not hesitate to contact us to get a consultation and receive personalised information.
       All details and pre-operative recommendations will be received during the consultation.

       Different types of implant are chosen depending on: breast anatomy, chest shape, desired volume, personal desire, and surgeon’s advice, after careful consideration.

The main features of an implant are:

  • the size is expressed in cm3
  • shell texture: textured or smooth
  • shape: anatomical or round
  • profile: an implant can have small, medium and high projection
  • diameter: the implant width measured at its base.


Breast augmentation with silicone implants provides:

  • increase breast size
  • reforming breast shape
  • symmetry
  • recovering their natural position.

       One important thing to know about this surgical intervention is that the implants do not correct saggy breasts. To correct such a defect, breast augmentation surgery will be done along with a breast lift.


Stages of breast augmentation

       Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Duration of the intervention: 50 – 60 minutes.
       Hospitalisation is at least 6 hours, but can extend up to 24 hours after surgery.
       After the incision, a pocket is created to insert the implant. It can be placed under the pectoral muscle (1) or under the mammary gland (2).


1. sub-muscular.
       In most cases, the pectoral muscle will cover about 2/3 of the implant, in which case the procedure is called partial submucosal breast augmentation.

       Advantages of this type of placement:
– the implant’s edges are small or no visible or palpable, giving the breast a more natural look;
– is indicated especially in patients with small breast;
– do not interfere with mammography.

       Disadvantages of this type of placement:
– longer duration of surgery;
– longer recovery;
– a temporary disadvantage: the implants will be located a little higher, postoperatively, until the pectoral muscle relaxes.


2. under the mammary : in the space between the mammary gland and the muscles.
       In this case, the implant is located more superficially, the essential condition for candidates for this type of intervention, being the presence of a medium or large mammary gland and tissues (skin and subcutaneous tissue, fat) with sufficient thickness to allow proper coverage of the implant.
       Advantages of this type of placement:
– surgery is easier, it is not necessary to manipulate the pectoral muscle;
– pain and post-operative discomfort are smaller, as the muscles are left intact, cutting only skin and subcutaneous tissue;
– recovery is faster and a better represented neckline is obtained.
       Disadvantages of this type of placement:
– especially to skinny patients, with little subcutaneous cellular tissue, you can see and feel the margins of the implant;
– mammography examination is more difficult.

       The incision and placement of the pocket are chosen depending on the type of implant, its volume, the shape of the chest, and the surgeon’s recommendation.
       Closure of the incision is done in several planes, with resorbable (“melting”) threads, and the last one with intradermal layer, with wires removed at 14-21 days. Over time, the scar fails to reach the skin color.
       The results are immediate and after complete healing their stabilization occurs, along with the level of satisfaction given by the new look of the breasts.


Postoperative recommendations

       After surgery, for three to four weeks, local painless swelling will persist, which will gradually diminish.
       After surgery, you will wear a special bra.
       On the first week we recommend resting and avoiding physical effort. You will get back to work after a few days, depending on the type of activity.
       After 8 weeks you can resume your sports activities without excessive effort.
       Care should be taken of the physician’s advice, which most often includes: area care techniques, pain-relieving and risk-of-infection medications, and presentation to post-operative consultations.


Possible complications that may occur after surgery are:

  • local bleeding
  • the local infection that is being treated with antibiotics
  • the loss of nipple sensitivity in the periodic incision, which is often temporary
  • rejection of the prosthesis, in rare cases
  • capsular contraction, a phenomenon that occurs naturally, as the body “isolates” the breast implant through a capsule; in severe cases it is recommended to change the implant.

       Because of their weight, large implants are fall fasten than those of small size.
       The occurrence of a pregnancy, decrease or weight gain can influence the appearance of breasts even after breast implant surgery.
       It may be necessary to replace the implants after passing the time, because although implants have the so-called “lifetime guarantee”, breasts do not! Your breasts are ageing!


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Breast lift with breast implant offers, besides a breast lift effect, a breast enlargement of the breast, due to the insertion of the breast implant.


       Although at the moment, more and more women want a breast implant, there are also beautiful women who call for breast reduction because their volume causes health problems.
       The advantages offered by the breast reduction surgery are:

  • reducing the areola dimension and positioning it as natural as possible;
  • reduce breast size;
  • natural breast positioning;
  • obtaining local symmetry.

       This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts for an average of 3-4 hours. The duration of hospitalisation is 1-2 days and the recovery time is about one week. Demanding sports should be avoided for about 2 months and exposure to sunlight should be avoided for about 1 year.


       Indifferent to what you want (lift / enlarge / reduce breasts) you can get impressive results on your look, especially if you continue with other body rejuvenation (body lifting, liposuction, lifting of arms, face lift, lifting buttocks, thighs, etc.).

       For more information, stay close and contact us if you have any questions.


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