breast augmentation myths

       Following the discussions with you, our readers, we found some repeating questions and we decided to reject some myths about breast augmentation with silicone.

       Explained by the Intermed experts themselves, we will enumerate them in the following.


     When is this better to do this surgery: before or after being pregnant?

       Each patient chooses when she thinks is better, depending on the end goal. An important aspect is that after birth a breast lift may be necessary due to the changes that breastfeeding brings to breasts.


     Will I be able to breastfeed after this intervention?

       Normally, silicone implants do not affect breastfeeding in any way provided that the intervention is performed properly, professionally. Therefore another myth that must be denied. A common concern among future mothers who have been involved in such surgery is that of a possible silicone leak in milk and thus of a supposed toxicity. Neither saline solutions nor silicone in breast prostheses can leak and contaminate milk.


     Am I allowed to expose myself to the sun after breasts augmentation?

       Doctors recommend patients avoid the sun in the first month after surgery. Then you can go to the beach with moderate exposure, but in no case at the tanning salons. Scars must be protected and covered, otherwise they will be coloured differently and will be more visible.


     Can i travel by plane after this surgery?

       Of course you can fly from the very first week. It is a myth given by the experience of a person whose problems were not due to the flight association with the implant operation. There is no danger.


     Does silicone implants increase chances of developing breast cancer?

       Women with breast implants are not at higher risk of breast cancer. It is true, however, that the implant can interfere with the detection of breast cancer during mammography, by masking certain tissues that may hinder the interpretation of the results (see more details here: ). Therefore, it is very important to inform your doctor that you have breast implants.


     Is this intervention possible using the laser?

       You need to know that any implant surgery is done with the scalpel, there are no surgical breast augmentation surgery with implants without incisions and scars.


     Can we order implants, such as custom implants?

       It is a myth, there is no such thing. Instead, companies producing top quality implants provide a wide range of sizes, volumes, and implant shapes, so each woman will find the right choice for her body and desires.


     Can i go to the gym after this intervention?

       Sure you do! You can resume sports progressively in about two weeks after surgery. You can start with running and other easy exercises. Attention, however, 2-3 months after the intervention it is forbidden to lift weights greater than 3.5 kg or any activity of this type involving the pectoral muscle and the maximum extension of the arms. After this time you can resume sporting habits without problems.


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