beautiful lips

       In the last period, women attach greater importance to physical appearance and appeal to specialist services to look perfect. One of the most sought-after and appreciated methods of beauty is lip augmentation, but few people know there are more procedures to do this.

       Today, the lips symbolize the perfection of the female woman. Natural and healthy, with a pleasant look, in harmony with the features of the face, they remarkably improve the overall individual appearance.
       Lips are definitely the key element in defining female sensuality. Lips participate in the creation of the first impression, being essential in building the confident look of the modern woman. Beyond sex appeal, the appearance of lips can convey erroneous messages to the interlocutor, thin lips being interpreted as a sign of hostility, aggression, and lack of trust.
       Modelling lips does not only involve volume augmentation, but also a comprehensive set of therapeutic options:

  •  Line-out of lips (linear injections around the lips), accentuating their natural shape;
  • Lifting the corner of the mouth gives a cheerful, positive look. When the corner of the mouth looks downwards, it creates a look of sadness, negativity;
  • Perioral wrinkles (“radial wrinkles”) or “smokers” can be removed with a few extra fill injections during treatment.


The demand for these types of treatments is based on three reasons:

  • Small lips, unimproved, asymmetric;
  • Contour and volume add-on for a more seductive appearance of normal lips;

Treatment of wrinkled and atrophied lips (pale and whitish), which can be found in people over 40 years of age.


Before treatment:
It is very important to tell what bothers you and what are the results you want.


Choosing the type of treatment:
We can use biodegradable materials (which resorbs) like hyaluronic acid, with results lasting between six and twelve months, or definitive materials.


The use of special techniques, along with the thinnest needles, make it possible to perform this procedure without anesthesia. The treatment is not painful, with only a minimal discomfort caused by needle sticking.
If you still have a low threshold of sensitivity, you may be given a local anesthetic to avoid any pain or discomfort caused by the treatment.


       Duration of intervention: between 5 and 15 minutes, with the possibility of prolonging if anesthesia is desired.


       Recovery period:
The lips are slightly swollen. You can return to your daily activity immediately after treatment.


       Adverse reactions: Local edema, erythema (redness), disappearing a few hours after treatment.

       Lip augmentation can be performed by:
A. lipofilling;
B. Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid;
C. Permanent silicone implant.



       Lip augmentation through lipofilling is safe, without risks and with impressive results. The greatest benefit of this procedure is given by the increased duration of the augmentation effect, far superior to the hyaluronic acid injection.
       Another advantage of lip augmentation by injecting its own fat is that at any time of the procedure, no foreign substances are used in the body, the aesthetic physician transplanting the fat from the abdominal region to the lips. Fat is harvested by using very thin cannula that leaves no signs, after centrifugation and quality grain selection, remodelling the lips by injecting the processed fat.
       The final result can be appreciated 3 to 7 days after the procedure, but the remodelling of the region is evident from the exit of the cabinet.



       Did you know that hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin? Well, unfortunately, its production diminishes with the passing of the years.
       Hyaluronic acid maintains normal dermal hydration and provides a fresh, tonic skin look. Research in the field of dermatology has determined that this substance is the safest from a medical point of view and with maximum efficiency in correcting and augmenting the lips and not only.
       Hyaluronic acid is injected through special medical techniques in the lip or skin texture.


  • is reaping over time
  • does not cause allergies
  • has the ability to give the desired volume to the lips for a fairly long term
  • the effect is reversible

How long does the effect last?
       On average 6-9 months, depending on the metabolism of each of you and the type of hyaluronic acid used. If a new injection is desired after this period, a smaller amount will be given than at the first injection. If after this period you no longer want to do another intervention, you should know that your lips return to their original form without other side effects in the long run.


       Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is the most common method of temporary augmentation of the lips and is the most recommended by specialists.



       Hollywood’s stars favorite treatment, probably the most accurate and calculated method for lip modelling.
       This is because pure medical silicone is not injected to shape the lips but only to stimulate collagen deposition around each layer of micro-particles.
       Thus, in about 5-8 sessions, at a minimum of 3 weeks between them, a natural volume is produced, composed of its own collagen structure, deposited on that very precise skeleton of silicone micro-particles.
       The results of this method usually become visible after 3 sessions, and the final result will last for 15-20 years without the lips being altered throughout life without deforming or migrating the injectable material as it happens without exceptions with all the permanent methods used up to this day.
       Adverse reactions to this method, if done correctly, with rigorous precision and following the protocol, are usually absent.
       However, during treatment, especially in very young people and in smokers, you may feel a few excesses of collagen in your lips.
       These more consistency deposits disappear within a few months of treatment, or they can be treated with a substance that simply dissolves them.
       After treatment there are no restrictions, except smoking (a few hours) and traumatisation of the lips through accidental bites or beverages / food at high temperatures.


       The results of these procedures vary according to the substance used and the number of subsequent treatments. In this regard, the Intermed team offers you the opportunity to discuss with your specialist doctors to choose the best method for you, so the effects are as you expect.


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