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       External factors such as fatigue, pollution, stress, cosmetics that are inappropriate for our needs, contribute to the appearance of unpleasant effects on the face. When we notice that no cosmetic product no longer wonders about the elasticity and shine of the skin, it is not necessary to let ourselves be discouraged.

       Fine lines, brown spots and wrinkles that appear on the face with the passage of time can give you clues about your real age. But do not panic! Now it’s easier than ever to show how young you feel. Intermed Quality team proposes natural-based beauty procedures using non-invasive molecular biology techniques that provide effective and visible results to help you easily and quickly escape the trail of time.
       Traditional procedures of aesthetic surgery, such as facial lifting, may seem too complicated and far too early to apply. Intermed Quality Team presents the alternatives for you to choose from and that does not require any training, so you can do it right this autumn!

    How do we get rid of expression wrinkles?

       Minimally invasive aesthetic treatments can eliminate fine lines of expression, wrinkles formed over time, improve skin texture, and make you look younger for 10 years as soon as you go out on the cabinet door.

       Botox, the miracle substance used to obtain a smooth forehead, is given by small injections directly into the forehead muscle. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain, thus eliminating strain on the muscle for short periods of time (6-12 months). By injecting botulinum toxin, higher eyebrows and eyebrows can be obtained, eye lift, a wrinkle-free forehead, a facial lifting that installs very quickly without the need for a scalpel blade.

    Restructuring the facial volume with dermatological fillers

       Under the action of time and gravity, the skin from different areas of the face creates the illusion of fallen skin. It is no longer well supported by the facial muscles, and the wrinkles appear to give it a tern, volume-less appearance.
       To restore facial volume without surgery, in just a few minutes, specialists recommend the use of dermatological fillers.
       According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a variety of injectable fillers can be used: hyaluronic acid based on collagen or permanent silicone fillers.
       Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used filler, being the second most popular non-surgical option.
       Dermal fillers are used to fill fine lines and empty spaces to increase their volume. They are used more frequently for the lower parts of the face – cheeks, nose, lips, lines that move from the sides of the mouth to the chin (puppet wrinkles). They can also be used to fill the eyes under the eyes or to restore the volume to facial scars.
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       Known and appreciated for over 20 years in countries like Japan and the United States of America, so-called “vampire therapy” is increasingly publicised in the world. Although American authors have promoted it under this name, the treatment is known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – and is based on a simple principle that is to use the ability intrinsic regeneration and tissue repair of the platelets. This is one of the major functions of platelets naturally in the body.
       Since the ageing process of the face (and the whole organism) implies a decrease in cellular multiplication, collagen synthesis, extracellular matrix, platelet concentrate is used precisely to induce an acceleration of the cell regeneration process and collagen synthesis both at the facial, as well as of the neck, hands, etc. The same procedure is effective for the treatment of post-traumatic scars, post-acne scars, post-combustion scars, etc. In combination with vitamins and trace elements, this treatment is particularly effective for treating alopecia (hair loss) in both men and women.

    Do not forget your hands!

       Hands are among the first to betray our age. Repeated daily abuse, from substances that contain aggressive cleaning agents to sunburns that cause brown spots and even wrinkles, require help to rebalance the epidermis.
       If you are wondering what treatment exists for aggressive hands, dry skin and premature ageing, here is the solution. Aesthetic physicians can apply a treatment that consists of a combination of chemical peeling and lifting, that helps eliminate brown spots caused by ultraviolet radiation as well as blurred lines, and fill empty spaces and redefines the hydrated skin appearance.


       Minimally invasive treatments may be an affordable and effective alternative to plastic surgery procedures, but care must be taken in choosing the right doctor. Ensure that you are properly informed and that you will have quality services in an appropriate environment.
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