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       Nowadays, the way the human body can be improved is similar to the one with which we upgrade our computer.

It seems that the standards of society have also put their mark on men, lately, the number of those who call for aesthetic surgery is getting bigger. This is because men want to acquire those physical traits considered dominant by the woman – traits associated with body harmony, physical strength and youth.
       Until two years ago, 3 out of 4 patients of aesthetic surgery clinics were women. This year, however, there is a growing interest in such men’s surgery and men, so the proportion of people using plastic surgery tends to be 50% of women and 50% of men, say doctors specializing in plastic surgery.


       The most desirable intervention seems to be to correct wrinkles on the forehead. A man can feel happy, calm and relaxed, but wrinkles on his forehead make him look nervous, tense, tired and older.


       Another very common procedure is permanent laser epilation. Men choose to remove hair especially from the neck and back. There are many who want to remove the hair from the chest or legs. This, says plastic surgery specialists, is one of the most simple and safe procedures, because the laser knows “to attack only the follicular pigments, and it only burns the roots of the hair and not the surrounding skin.
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       At the same time, hair transplantation is becoming more and more common. In this case, the operation begins with patient anesthesia and continues with the transplantation of hair grafts from the areas where it grows to the front of the head. These transplanted hair fall after three weeks and begin to grow after three months. The maximum effect is recorded after one year.
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       Another aesthetic surgery that men use is liposuction. However, the intervention is not recommended for those who are overweight, but only for those who have a normal weight and can not get rid of these fat deposits by exercising because they are of a genetic nature.
For example, liposuction is the only solution for 90% of men who have breasts. “In the past, 53,000 men have used this surgery and paid between $ 3000 and $ 15,000.
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       Men also choose to correct their nose. For the nose to be re-positioned, the doctor has to cut out of his cartilage, and this is done through a small incision. Often there is not enough cartilage to be remodelled and in these cases the doctor takes a cartilage graft that separates the two nostrils.
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       Aesthetic surgery also corrects gouache. If someone was once overweight, no diet or exercise can remove their gusset. The procedure is similar to facelift. The difference is that excess fat is removed before shaping the skin.


       Physicians say that aesthetic surgery has a positive psychological effect and can improve the patient’s quality of life. However, experts say, we must keep in mind that plastic surgery is not a good consumer. They should only be made when it is needed.


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