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       Undoubtedly, the first impression counts, and the face can be considered a “business card” for everyone because it provides valuable clues about a person’s age, diet and lifestyle. When we are dissatisfied with the appearance of the face, we call the help of a specialist to get rid of problems such as wrinkles, waistbands, eye bags or non-steroidal nose. Since we want you to have as much useful information as possible about all these procedures, here are the main interventions for face surgery.


       Most times, the fat bags on the eyelids and the folds formed by the skin in the eye area give the feeling of a tired face permanently and can even reduce the field of vision. In such situations, there is a need for surgery called blepharoplasty.
       Known as “Eyelid surgery,” this intervention aims to surgically correct by removing excess fat and excess skin from the eye so that the face is rejuvenated and resting.
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Lip augmentation

       In recent years, a well-known trend has gained ground among women. I’m talking about the full, fleshy lips that give the ladies a sensual air. Whether it is simply a complex or a medical problem (a malformation), lip augmentation with injections is a very effective procedure.

       Lip augmentation can be done by:

  • lipofilling (injection of your own fat into areas where it is needed)
  • injections with hyaluronic acid
  • permanent silicone implant

       It is important to know that depending on the method by which the lips and the number of management sessions are increased, the results of such a procedure may be temporary or definitive.

Face lift

       With the passage of time and ageing, the first signs of ageing occur in the face and neck. Wrinkles, unsightly creases, and skin left can make a person look ageing, sad and tired. By facial lifting, the skin regains its firmness, elasticity and shine.

       Specialists have divided the procedures for facial lifting into three broad categories:

  • facial mid-face lifting – rejuvenates the middle area of the face, from the lower eyelid to the upper lip, by repositioning the tissues left and increasing the volume of soft tissue;
  • front and eyebrow lifting – eliminates wrinkles and creases
  • neck lift – involves a series of procedures that improve neck area (removal or alteration of the neck muscles, liposuction to remove excess fat, botox injections to improve the appearance of neck bands).

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       Who does not want a small, delicate nose, just like Hollywood celebrities ?! The operation called rhinoplasty involves correcting the nose proportions and remodeling it so that there is a harmony between all the features of the face. In addition, this intervention aims to correct the breathing problems caused by various traumas or structural defects of the nose.
       Rhinoplasty is a complex operation that requires general anaesthesia and an entire postoperative recovery process, but the results will help you regain confidence in your own appearance. Moreover, it is the intervention with the lowest degree of pain.
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       And, of course, do not forget to smile! Beyond the aesthetic aspect, we are pursuing long-term health. More information about a healthy smile:


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