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       Most of the time, a beautiful body with a defined contour is often the result of a healthy diet and physical exercise. Even though the health is good and the body is well maintained, some people may have a disproportionate body contour due to the localized fat deposits. Elderly exposure, sunlight, weight or significant weight fluctuations as well as genetic factors can contribute to poor tissue elasticity and may lead to the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or arms lowering.

       Bad news is that these unsightly deposits go hand in hand with the loss of self-esteem, a problem so common in today’s society.
       Because our generation is educated in a particularly competitive spirit, we all want perfection. And how could it be otherwise when even sociological research demonstrates that physical appearance plays an equally important role in getting a job or promotion as well as intellectual skills. This has nothing to do with a superficial society, but with the predisposition of the brain to associate physical beauty with all other human qualities, such as intelligence and goodness. So the tendency to diminish self-confidence, both in the personal and in the professional environment, is seriously linked to these fat deposits that some of us fail to escape regardless of the efforts they make.
       This is also the case for patients of our clinic when choosing for a liposuction operation. Although liposuction can be performed in almost any part of the body where there is excess fat, there are certain parts of the body with higher predisposition for fat accumulation. These are the areas that enjoy the greatest popularity when it comes to surgery: the abdomen, hips and waist are the most common, followed closely by the bottom, thighs, knees, chest, breasts, back, arms, neck and the area under the chin. Besides the proper reduction of proportions, liposuction also diminishes the look of cellulite that comes with the excess fat
       The thinning of fat in such areas after any other effort has failed attracts not only a sense of relief but also an increase in self-esteem. The psychological problem of weight can become so pressing that it affects all aspects of life and diminishes performance in all areas.
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       Breasts have the right attention, even in total body remodelling. More information about this intervention:


       Depending on body shape, fat deposits, age, health and other considerations, the abdomen can be remodeled by abdominoplasty (more information about: ) or included in the body lifting intervention.


       On the buttocks it is possible to intervene separately in another surgical procedure, if it is desired more than thinning the fat layer ( ).


       Arms remodeling involves reducing excess skin or fat, located between the axilla and the elbow. This process reshapes the contour of the arms, resulting in a more toned and proportioned appearance. Arm remodelling can be a solution for you if the internal part of the arms is flaccid (hanging) or seems too full due to excess skin or fat.


       The most advanced liposuction technique is called Liposculpture. This one is especially used in the body contouring process, where removal and sometimes fat remodelling highlights muscle definition and corrects certain areas of the body.
       Liposculpture differs from liposuction mainly due to the fact that liposculpture removes smaller amounts of fat and is more related to body remodelling and a more subtle remodelling of certain areas of the body.
It is used in the abdomen, upper thighs, back and upper arms.


       Each patient will receive the custom remodeling plan during the consultation.
Full body lifting is not intended to eliminate excess fat. Only liposuction can eliminate excess adipose tissue deposits where the skin has good elasticity and is able to adapt to the new body contour. In cases where skin elasticity is poor, a combination of liposuction and lifting body is recommended.


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